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  1. Interfacial phenomena and Colloid Stability - Volume 2 Interfacial Phenomena and Colloid Stability
  2. Interfacial Phenomena and Colloid Stability
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Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index. Contents Preface. List of Contributors. Cohen Stuart. Velikov and Orlin D. Nikolov and Darsh T. Subject Index. Edited by the 'l'eminence grise' on this topic and written by the top scientists in the field, this text examines the role of colloid and interface science in pharmacy, as well as pharmaceutical formulations and drug delivery. It then goes on to treat pharmaceutical suspensions and emulsions, including multiple emulsions, as well as liposomes and the role of nanotechnology in drug delivery.

A final section is devoted to the hot topic of stem cell research. For surface and pharmaceutical chemists, physicochemists, chemical engineers and those working in the pharmaceutical industry. Subject Colloids in medicine. Pharmaceutical chemistry. Bibliographic information. Publication date Series Colloids and interface science series ; v. Browse related items Start at call number: R C66 C65 The Journal of Physical Chemistry C , 10 , Langmuir , 26 8 , Langmuir , 26 6 , Langmuir , 0 proofing DOI: Johnston, Tessa M. Scown, Julian Moger, Susan A.

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Interfacial phenomena and Colloid Stability - Volume 2 Interfacial Phenomena and Colloid Stability

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Write a short note on Stability and Protection of Colloids (Coagulation). - Colloidal State

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Interfacial Phenomena and Colloid Stability

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