Manual Curing IBS Naturally with Chinese Medicine

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IBS & Acupuncture
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  4. Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) With Holistic Nutrition & Chinese Medicine

Symptoms would include any bowel irregularities, but would be clearly indicated with chronic loose bowel movements and sticky bowel movements. TCM recognizes many causes of constipation including Dryness.

Natural Remedies for IBS

Because there is an element of Heat consuming fluids alongside Internal Dampness due to Spleen imbalances , the Damp fluids condense creating sticky Phlegm fluids. Depending on the diet or emotional stressors, IBS will present with alternating symptoms in this complex condition.

Stress and Irritable Bowel Syndrome The inability to adapt well to stress is common after a period of ongoing stress due to familial friction, economic distress, or chronic illness. When our nervous system is unable to distinguish between a truly life threatening situation, and a common daily stressor such as a traffic jam, we begin to react to every little common life stressor as if it is a true crisis.

This makes us emotional fragile and unable to adapt well to inevitable changes.

Herbs and Natural Remedies for IBS

Consider our organic Enlightened Emperor formula! The emotion associated with the Metal Element is grief ; therefore, any type of loss including death of a loved one, separation or divorce, loss of a job or status, or the death of a pet can be a trigger for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Working through all of the stages of grief is crucial in fully resolving IBS which is complicated by emotional constraints. The Metal Element also encompasses the Lungs, skin, and sinuses; this means that IBS is often seen in those who suffer with chronic asthma , psoriasis , eczema , or sinusitis.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Diet and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Aside from these the patient may also be suffering with general fatigue and depression which can also severely affect their day to day life making normal activities , such as shopping or watching sports events, somewhat troublesome.

Increased excitement or stress may cause an increase in the frequency of bowel movements. There are certain medications that are used in Western medicine and these work in different ways.

Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) With Holistic Nutrition & Chinese Medicine

Both these organs are vital to the digestion and transformation of food in to excreta. When they are not functioning well there is often a retention of dampness in the digestive system which will further affect the normal functioning of the whole system including the liver and the result can be a set of symptoms which can be loosely called IBS.

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TCM often uses herbal medicine to excellent effect in the treatment. However, there is a need to recognise everyone as an individual and prescribe on syndrome differentiation which will be discussed below. This is usually a result of spleen and stomach dysfunction and will very often manifest itself with loose, watery and spray like stools.

Appetite will be poor, pulse slow and the stomach bloated. The tongue will be covered with a white and greasy coating.

What are the symptoms of IBS?

Stools are frequent and foul-smelling with a burning sensation. The tongue is red with a yellow coating. When food remains undigested due to spleen and stomach dysfunction it can cause problems in the intestines. Aside from frequent bowel movements there is usually abdominal pain which is relieved after the stool has been passed. Undigested food can cause belching with acid regurgitation.

The tongue is thick and greasy and the pulse is slippery.

Stress and depression will affect the functioning of the liver which will also effect the spleen and stomach. This is characterised by a tightness around the chest, tenderness around the ribs and frequent bowel movement. The patient is likely to be emotional with frequent sighing.