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17 Queen Anne private Guitar lessons / Find the best local Guitar lesson in Queen Anne

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In a case like that, where someone who actually cares about the instrument is in charge of it, that doesn't represent a problem. But there's no way that you can control what happens to a guitar when a shipping company has it. They don't give a damn about your package. To them it's just cargo. Even with overnight shipping your parcel can be left outside for extended periods and then subjected to temperatures changes as it moves from place to place. I don't like that. I normally place my orders for shipment on Monday in order to assure Tuesday or Wednesday delivery.

I recently had a package that was on the truck for delivery on Wednesday, but because UPS was too busy to finish their route during the Holidays my delivery got bumped from Wednesday to Thursday, Thursday to Friday, and Friday to Monday. The weather changed a lot during the course of a week.

About Mike Hyland | Denver Guitar Academy

I was on the phone with UPS every day about the guitar being damaged when the weather turned to freezing. They didn't care. The guitar sat outdoors in the back of the delivery truck from Wednesday to Monday as the weather turned to freezing. These kinds of experiences have made me become more conservative than most about weather protection. I live in Chicago, where the weather can become cold cold cold in the winter. I don't want to have problems with finish checking and other thermally induced problems when an expensive guitar is handled as just another piece of cargo by a shipping company.

As a result, I won't buy a guitar and have it shipped when it's going to be subjected to huge extremes in temperatures. I won't ship an instrument in winter. And I won't buy during heatwaves during summer. I hold off on making a major purchase until a time when the weather doesn't add risk to the transaction. I've learned a few things by shipping hundreds of live exotic saltwater fish on overnight transactions. Even though the wholesalers go the extra mile to keep track of weather forecasts and add heat packs or cold packs to the transport coolers to minimize stress to the fish, it's not good enough.

When live animals are shipped during inclement conditions they don't do well.

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In the best case scenario they get sick, in the worst case scenario they die. As a result I won't buy them unless the weather is mild and is going to stay mild for several days beyond the predicted shipping time.

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You have to pay attention to the weather, and you have to have the good sense not to complete a transaction if the weather adds too much risk to the situation. Join Date Jun Posts Wow, i did not know a guitar could react so badly because of temperature changes from box to house. Here in Scotland i have played guitars in shops that had no heating at all, ice on inside of windows. Cold as a witches' behind today here in Chi-town When I finally got down to the box it was ice cold.

Left it unopened a while in the kitchen and then into the humidor for 30 days. That's right with cigars you observe the Van 30 Day Rule, no cigar worthy of going in your mouth should be smoked until it's had 30 days rest. I used to think that was some pompous bull, and would rip into a box sometimes the same day. Well Van was an asshole, but he was almost always right, especially about letting something delicate like a really good cigar rest.

Wait and you will be rewarded. I tell ya if I rushed the unpacking of a nice guitar and it finished checked on me after I'd be bereft for sure. Take the wife out to dinner and tell her you love her. Tomorrow you'll come home to the house smelling of great food and after the dishes are done you can play that lovely guitar.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it Big. As my dear old dad might say, right now in Toronto it's colder than a witch's tit in a brass brazoo. So I figure Paulie2 the OP might be in need of some entertainment, as it's going to be a long night not so different from Christmas Eve for a 10 year old, eh? It came in around pm after a long day of waiting as a signature was required and the box felt warm to the touch, but showed some damage.

I was eager to open the box to check for damage, so I did take the case out of the box right away -- just to see if there were any mars on the case. Fortunately, the case was clean and it wasn't making any scary rattling noises. But it felt cool to the touch, so I let the case sit unopened for a few hours. Once the case felt warm to the touch, I peeked inside -- everything looked OK!

So far, so good! The guitar felt cool to the touch -- but not too cool, mind you -- so I took her out, carefully removed the packing, tuned her up and played a few notes. All was right with the world! It was the nirvana of the NGD!!!! And then. I watched in horror as ever so slowly a network of cracks appeared across the face of my beautiful new guitar!!!!!!

Just kidding -- that last part didn't really happen. Everything was fine, the guitar looked and played great, but I felt guilty for pushing the envelope and put her back in the case for the night. Next day, I got to really play the new and truly appreciated her. It's been a great love affair ever since. I was lucky enough that the weather wasn't really tough when my guitar got delivered, and I know I pushed the optimal schedule a bit, but hey -- that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Happy pending NGD! May I suggest an evening of internet research on ES related topics? Entertainment the man says??? Well let me retort I saw this group two nights in a row at Villa Montalvo in Now I have seen a lot of very famous acts in my 71 and change but doggone fellas these guys were the Tip of the Top when it came to Cool Join Date Apr Posts Join Date Jan Posts I remember reading a thread on the Les Paul forum where people were leaving their Les Pauls outside and bringing them in quickly to a warm room to get the finish to craze.

There are some things I'll never really understand. I recieved a guitar via UPS about a week ago, and temps were getting cold here in Michigan. Knowing I needed to allow it to warm up, but not willing to wait longer than necessary, this was the perfect time to utilize the infrared temp gun! Removes a lot of guess work, lets you monitor the process. These things do come in handy, and the price on them has fallen a lot since I bought mine years ago.

IF you do shock a very cold nitrocellulose finish with too much sudden warmth, you might get to see the dreaded bluish haze that appears suddenly just before you start crying as you watch the finish check John. About 18 years ago I had a factory repair on a guitar by Gibson that involved refinishing. It arrived back to me in January during single digit temperatures. I was very excited to get it back. I was ignorant about letting the box warm up. As I flipped open the lid I watched the dreaded fog appear on the guitar followed by crazing of the finish.

I didn't take blame, and asked Gibson to take it back since they had shipped it when it was 4 - 8 degrees outside and something must have happened. Luckily, they refinished it at no cost and threw in a free T-shirt. But I learned an important lesson - that I was ignorant and sneaky. It is for a reptile tank and has a remote sensor on a foot wire. I make a hole in the box and feed it into the box to monitor the temperature of the outside of the case. I suppose any thermometer on a stick or coat hanger would work.

When the case is near room temperature, I remove it from the shipping box and wait a more hours to let the guitar warm up. Then I open it. This has worked well for me. Also like someone else suggested, always arrange shipping so a guitar does not sit in a truck over the weekend.

Guitar Addicts Anonymous. That goes for all of us.