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In , anthroposophical medicine was practised in 80 countries. The fact that it would be backed by people who have a financial interest in this bogus approach makes it even worse. The categorization of anthroposophical medicine is complex since in part it complements conventional medicine, and in part it substitutes for it.

Ernst writes that Steiner used imagination and insight as a basis for his ideas, drawing mystical knowledge from the occult Akashic Records , a work which is supposedly situated on the astral plane , and which Steiner said was accessible to him via his intuitive powers. These propositions form the basis of anthroposophical medicine. Ernst has said that anthroposophical medicine "includes some of the least plausible theories one could possibly imagine", [21] categorized it as "pure quackery", [11] and said that it "has no basis in science".

In anthroposophic pharmacy drugs are prepared according to ancient notions of alchemy and homeopathy which are not related to the science underlying modern pharmacology. This means that, while they are completely harmless in themselves, using them in place of conventional medicine to treat serious illness carries a risk of severe adverse consequences. As well as drug remedies, anthroposophical medicine also includes: [2]. To select an anthroposophic substance for a particular illness, practitioners consider the source of the substances used.

The character of a mineral, plant or animal is hypothesised to have been formed by the substances that are most active within it, in the belief that this character may also influence what the substance will accomplish when given to treat another organism. This is related to Samuel Hahnemann 's Doctrine of signatures.

Willow, for example, is considered to have an unusual character:. An exception is However, unlike other "watery" plants, the willow has fine, almost dry leaves and looks very light Its branches are unbelievably tough. They are elastic and cannot be broken.


They bend easily and form "joints" rather than break. These few signatures can give us the clue to what salix can be used for therapeutically: arthritis, deformation of joints, swollen joints There is no scientific evidence that the shape of plants has ever caused a new medical property to be discovered. Steiner described the heart not as a pump , but as a regulator of flow, such that the heartbeat itself can be distinguished from the circulation of blood. This view of the heart is not based on any scientific theory and has been characterized as "crank science".

Steiner believed that the sex of a baby was determined at the moment of conception by the alignment of the stars. Steiner's model of anatomy was based on a three-part notion, whereby the head is the thinking part, the abdomen and limbs the "metabolic" part, and the chest and heart a "rhythmic center". Rudolf Steiner hypothesised that mistletoe could cure cancer, on the basis of the observation that the plant was a parasite which eventually killed its host, a process which he claimed paralleled the progression of cancer.

Although laboratory experiments have suggested that mistletoe extract may affect the immune system and be able to kill some kinds of cancer cells, there is little evidence of its benefit to people with cancer. Mistletoe-based cancer drugs are widely used in Europe, especially in German-speaking countries. In other countries mistletoe therapy is virtually unknown. A article on mistletoe in Lancet Oncology invoked Ben Goldacre 's observation that a geographical preference for certain therapies was a hallmark of quackery , and proposed that the continuing use of this "apparently ineffectual therapy" in a small cluster of countries was based on sociological rather than medical reasons, indicating a need for a more informed consent from patients.

The risks arising from using anthroposophical medicine as a substitute for evidence-based medicine are exemplified by several cases of low vaccination levels in Waldorf schools , [3] since some anthroposophical doctors oppose immunization. A report of a widespread measles outbreak around Coburg , Germany, identified a Waldorf school as the origin. Now we have an epidemic.

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Paul Offit wrote that Steiner believed vaccination "interferes with karmic development and the cycles of reincarnation", and that adherence to this belief led to a pertussis outbreak in a Californian Waldorf school , causing its temporary closure. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Alternative medicine Alternative veterinary medicine Quackery Health fraud History of alternative medicine Rise of modern medicine Pseudoscience Antiscience Skepticism Skeptical movement National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health Terminology of alternative medicine.

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Fringe medicine and science. Conspiracy theories. Allopathic medicine Alternative medical systems Mind—body intervention Biologically-based therapy Manipulative methods Energy therapy. Traditional medicine. Adrenal fatigue Aerotoxic syndrome Autistic enterocolitis Candida hypersensitivity Chronic Lyme disease Electromagnetic hypersensitivity Heavy legs Leaky gut syndrome Wilson's temperature syndrome Wind turbine syndrome.

Co-founders of anthroposophic medicine. See also: List of unproven and disproven cancer treatments. See also: Vaccine hesitancy. MMW Fortschritte der Medizin.

Anthroposophic medicine - Wikipedia

American Cancer Society. Available evidence from well-designed clinical trials does not support claims that mistletoe can improve length or quality of life. The review found that there was not enough evidence to reach clear conclusions about the effects on any of these outcomes and it is therefore not clear to what extent the application of mistletoe extracts translates into improved symptom control, enhanced tumour response or prolonged survival.

The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal. Anthroposophic medicine was founded by Steiner and Ita Wegman in the early 20th century. Currently, it is being promoted as an extension of conventional medicine. Retrieved 10 September Basic Books. Michael Shermer ed.

Anthroposophy and Anthroposophical Medicine. The Skeptic Encyclopedia of Pseudoscience. Times Higher Education Supplement. The Observer. Science-Based Medicine. Retrieved 29 November The Skeptic encyclopedia of pseudoscience. Trick or treatment: the undeniable facts about alternative medicine 1st American ed.

ISBN 13: 9781892941510

Accessed Fritz Donner MD , who practised at the time in the homeopathy department of the Rudolf Virchow Hospital in Berlin, was also involved in the programme. Page As a result of this high grade intervention, it would appear, a well known homeopath, Dr Fritz Donner assisted by a pharmacologist and an internist , was ordered to come up with the necessary proofs. His findings were not published and they were withheld from the medical community for many years.

In the best homeopathic tradition, anyone can come up with the most glaring absurdities and they will be published; by contrast, the fundamentals of an important medicine against diphtheria will never be published and the researcher who works on these sources will be threatened with immediate dismissal.

However and interestingly, in - , Fritz Donner had also conducted earlier research which did prove the success of homeopathic remedies:. Fritz Donner was himself the son of a homeopath. His father was the third doctor to become a member of the German Homeopathic Society. He took over the practices of Dr. Quesse in Goppingen and Nagold. Fritz Donner - December 26, Fritz Donner - was a German homeopath who had the hardest role of all to play in Nazi Germany.

The homeopathic World was intimate and in close contact, then as now. How else could he keep homeopathy out of Nazi hands?