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  1. Middle Eastern History through Novels
  2. Synonyms and antonyms of khalifah in the Malay dictionary of synonyms
  3. Khalifah: A Novel of Conquest and Personal Triumph
  4. Mother of the Believers

Middle Eastern History through Novels

Arabic is the official language of 22 Arab countries; spoken by Million people. The original Qur'an was written in Arabic and the 5 daily prayers must be recited in Arabic by All Muslims, all over the world. Boy triplets are born to the family of the Foreign Minister of Israel.

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Bolstered by this happy event, the father makes a promise to himself that one day his sons will ascend to the summits of the world. The first part of the novel brings us forward to The "Arab Spring" is at its height. Panayi This book is only available in kindle format.

I wrote it because there will be some readers who want to read Return to Aegos, but have not yet read Sun Sea and Secrets and would like to read that first. Buying the two books in one kindle like this will save them money; instead of paying 2. Panayi Return to Aegos is a continuing story of life on a Greek island, but can be read alone as well as part of a series. In this book, lots of the characters are coming back to the island, some finding family and rebuilding bonds, some finding love.

All set against a backdrop of Greek island settings that will make you feel as if you are strolling in the Greek sun as you read. Magnificent scenery, [ Book: Desert Fire by H.

  • Meaning of "khalifah" in the Malay dictionary.
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  • It gleamed under the streetlights. Only the dying American pilot could have slipped it into his pocket. After running to the scene of a plane crash in Abu Dhabi, Nick Chevalier stumbles across classified military secrets. And an unknown terrorist will stop at nothing to get them.

    Synonyms and antonyms of khalifah in the Malay dictionary of synonyms

    As Nick investigates the cover-up behind the downed plane, he crosses paths with an [ Book: Looking for Charley by Randal Shirley Where does a stunning looking croupier in Lebanon run to when Hezbollah, Mossad and her terrorist ex-lover are hunting her and she has no idea why? Home to London is out of the question. Charley flees to Africa - as you would - covering her tracks as best she knows how. Russ, her ex boss who originally recruited her to the Beirut casino is on her trail Charley has no intention of being found.

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    5. Khalifah: A Novel Of Conquest And Personal Triumph by John Elray.
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    Through real-life scenes in Iran, they highlight humiliations inflicted daily by a religious tyranny upon its population, haunted by fear and bygone traditions. In , the end product is that the Islamic Republic of Iran is an economic, social, environmental [ A Slave Trader.

    An Arab Prince. Kate McDonald's fate hangs in the balance. The Slave Trader has the money for her, so does her father and he wants her back. Can Steve Case's team rescue her and her friend, Helen in time? Three Americans are to die at the Baptist Mission - the Pastor and his wife in a blazing chapel. Another, gunned down while [ Book: She - Crossroads of a Woman by Fatima Abdalla "She: Crossroads of a Woman" is a unique self-help book as it contains true-to-life stories of wonderful women in their quest for liberty and happiness.

    Khalifah: A Novel of Conquest and Personal Triumph

    It may not have all the answers but will surely touch a woman's issue no matter how unique or exclusive she may have thought it was for her. The cornerstone of a woman's strength and weakness is her feminity, and unless she learns to thread on [ When she meets social worker Danny Faraday, she is torn between her attraction towards him and the emotional blackmail of her uncle Thady who is domiciled in Ireland [ Book: Honourable Defection by Husam Wafaei A glimpse into an unfinished chapter of the Arab Spring, and Syria has captured the world's attention with a violent, ruthless, unrelenting internal battle that has no end in sight.

    Thousands of innocent civilians have been killed, almost a quarter of a million are displaced, and an unknown number remain missing or incarcerated inside the Assad regime's horrendous prisons. The creation of the [ Book: Rosalind's Sister by Tara Scott-Page Rosalind's Sister is about a determined woman, desperate to escape her abusive father and a downtrodden existence in the lifeless North American town of Black Oak, Indiana in the economically depressed 's. She finds a new life, a new name and new found wealth in the big city of New York along with her dream man, a staggeringly rich Saudi Arabian Prince.

    He takes her to the desert Sheikdom of [ A tale of forbidden love.

    A chronicle of heresy and crime. Solo trip before getting married? Dangerous hot guy she shouldn't get involved with in a thousand years? Oh, honey, that's a check. Half-Jewish Rina Lynne's unexpected inheritance takes her to Italy to study the language.

    Conquest Books- Epic Hero Fantasy Fiction Novel Trailer

    Great idea, except there are all those Arab students in the mountain town of Perugia, including one particular [ He was spirited to the Middle East, from his UK boarding school. It is also a love story between the young man, his 'Big Brother' and his [ Book: Khalifah - A novel of conquest and personal triumph by John Elray A forced Muslim convert defies all odds to become the supreme ruler of an empire that stretches from Egypt to Persia in this drama which pits Arab against Arab during the Muslims' rise to power in the seventh century AD.

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    Mother of the Believers

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