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John, who takes him aside and asks to be changed back. Tak assures him they can work out a secret arrangement. Suddenly, Tak feels ill and throws up on Moya's neural nexus. As they leave, the sick starts creeping up and slowly frying Moya's circuitry. D'Argo corners Rygel!

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John in the corridor, then tells him that she wants off the ship. She tries to persuade him by offering to perform sexual acts In D'argo's body — gee, who could resist? Crotch-fondling notwithstanding, Rygel! John is obdurate; He wants his body back. Rygel's sole purpose in life is to reclaim his throne, and only a Dominar can do that.

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Pilot reports on something that's eating away at Moya's circuits, and John! Aeryn realizes that Sparky's sold them out again. They go to the conduits, and find the puke destroying them.

See a Problem?

Aeryn comes up with a plan to shut down the defense screen while they neutralize the acid. The Halosians fire just as they put the defense screen back up, and everybody switches again: Crichton's in Rygel, Aeryn's in Crichton, and Rygel's in Aeryn. Tak says that he'll ram Moya since his weapons obviously won't work, but Zhaan manages to convince Yoz to usurp him. Back on Moya, Crichton!

The Halosians remain on a ramming course, panicking Moya into attempting to starburst. Gathering strength through her prayers, Zhaan wrenches her hand out of the handcuff, knocks out Yoz, and manages to steer the ship away from Moya. Zhaan contacts Moya and says that she has control.

Rygel asks her to fire again, but she dismisses him as crazy asks to speak to Crichton who is actually Aeryn at this point. John does her best impersonation of Crichton, complete with all-American thumbs up, and persuades Zhaan to fire the cannon.

Buffett calls pessimists about United States 'out of their mind'

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The Lives and Discoveries of 15 Great Computer Scientists

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Out of their mind - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

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