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  1. Digital electronics
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  3. Digital Electronics with VHDL (Quartus II Version)
  4. W.A. Kimber (Author of Practical Analog Electronics for Technicians)

Digital electronics

This course provides learners with a basic understanding of applied mathematical principles for use by technicians. Applied Math l is designed to cover basic algebra, geometry, functional notation, linear equations, quadratic equations, exponents, logarithms, analytic geometry and systems of equations.

The use of computer software as a mathematical tool will be explored. Learners will be encouraged to maintain a math journal that may become part of their personal College portfolio. This course builds on the skills and knowledge learned from Applied Math l MATH broadening the understanding of applied mathematical principles for use by technicians. Applied Math ll is designed to cover trigonometric functions, complex numbers, analytic geometry and systems of equations. The use of computer software as a mathematical tool will be used.


This is a generic, introductory course that provides basic knowledge of the Act for students and is considered to be the basis from which more specific training can be given. The learners are introduced to the types of hazards encountered in workplaces and the approach that should be followed when recommending and implementing appropriate controls. The course material is to be infused throughout the curriculum and may be delivered in the classroom, shop or other opportunity as designed and developed by the instructor.

Lock-out Tag Out introduces the learner to the hazards related to energized systems and procedures to ensure worker safety.

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Related legislation and risk management is discussed and the learner is exposed to the various types of lock-out devices. The learner is introduced to the potential of atmospheric hazards in the workplace and the available personal protection and control methods to maintain a safe work environment. Discussion includes identification and testing for atmospheric hazards and workplace respiratory programs. The learner will be given the opportunity to select, use and maintain respiratory equipment.

Digital Electronics with VHDL (Quartus II Version)

Next Steps 1. Program Fees Program Fees. Have questions? Learn more about being a student. Tell us a bit about you and we'll be in touch. Contact a Recruiter. Was this page helpful? Yes No. How was this information helpful? How can we make this information more helpful? Delivery In-class — Complete your program through courses that are held at a campus. Collaborative — program is delivered virtually on campus. Courses may include.

W.A. Kimber (Author of Practical Analog Electronics for Technicians)

Course descriptions. COMM Technical Communications I This course introduces students to the writing, oral presentation, critical thinking and interpersonal communications skills required of technical professionals in the workplace. Technical Communications II This course focuses on the interpersonal, written and oral technical communication skills necessary for working independently and as part of a team in a technical environment. EETD Electronic Drafting This course is an introduction to computer-aided design and drafting CADD techniques used in the field of electronics.

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Work Experience I This contact training work experience is intended to expose the learner to their chosen career field of electronics. Digital Logic I This course introduces the learner to the basic digital logic concepts necessary to attain a working knowledge of Medium Scale Integration MSI chips, the theoretical mathematical component required to design standard, combinatorial digital circuits and the variety of test equipment required for troubleshooting digital logic systems with schematics.

Electronic Fabrication and Soldering This course provides an introduction to high-reliability soldering techniques and proper selection and use of standard electronic hardware, wiring used in the field of electronics. AC Circuits for Technologies This course covers the theories of alternating current circuits. Introduction to Computer Hardware and Network Devices The basic structure of a desktop computer is the foundation of a wide variety of electronic systems, from tiny microcontrollers to factory floor automation systems.

Semiconductor Circuits I This course is an introduction to semiconductor devices such as rectifier diodes, Zener diodes, light-emitting diodes, thyristors and bipolar junction transistors. Electric Machines I The characteristics and applications of DC motors and generators, AC motors and generators are studied in this course. Microcontroller Programming The goal of this course is to provide a basic understanding of microcontroller programming using a high-level programming language. Semiconductor Circuits III Differential amplifier, operational amplifier, multivibrator, phase-locked loop, discrete and IC switching regulators, oscillator and active filter circuits are studied.

Microcontroller Applications This course provides a basic understanding of fundamental electronics and system integration to enable the learner to effectively identify domains microcontroller systems are found in robotics, avionics, motor control, environmental systems. We're innovating to extend, connect, and expand the learning experience in ways never before possible. We help students reach their educational goals in ways that fit their lifestyles. Your source for educational trends, issues, and perspectives. Share ideas! Be part of the conversation. Join us for in-person and online events to learn something new, exchange ideas with your peers, and get inspired.

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