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  2. What's the point of peacekeepers when they don't keep the peace?
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If his observations are taken to heart, there will be more successes and fewer failures. Oakely, Retired Ambassador, Institute for National Strategic Studies 'This is a well-researched and insightful look at a controversial activity, particularly because of recent peacekeeping failures in Bosnia and Somalia.

What's the point of peacekeepers when they don't keep the peace?

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UN council support tough action for peacekeeping failures

Gratis verzending 30 dagen bedenktijd en gratis retourneren Ophalen bij een bol. Anderen bekeken ook. Why Peacekeeping Fails pp Cite as. Previous chapters have largely focused on the way the UN conducts peacekeeping and the limitations the organization faces as it attempts to be successful in those operations. While those internal factors affect how well the peacekeepers do their job, this chapter will argue that the most significant obstacles to success are the external factors that are beyond the scope of the peacekeeping mission. The three most important of these external factors are the conduct of the parties to the conflict, the attitude and interests of other countries and the resources of the country where the conflict has taken place.

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To look at these external factors systematically requires considering separately each kind of peacekeeping that have come about in response to wars between states over territory classical peacekeeping , civil wars multidimensional peacekeeping , and violent extremism protection and stabilization missions. It seems that you're in Germany.

We have a dedicated site for Germany. Dennis C.

Jett examines why peacekeeping operations fail by comparing the unsuccessful attempt at peacekeeping in Angola with the successful effort in Mozambique, alongside a wide range of other peacekeeping experiences. The book argues that while the causes of past peacekeeping failures can be identified, the chances for success will be difficult to improve because of the way such operations are initiated and conducted, and the way the United Nations operates as an organization.

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Jett reviews the history of peacekeeping and the evolution in the number, size, scope, and cost of peacekeeping missions. He also explains why peacekeeping has become more necessary, possible, and desired and yet, at the same time, more complex, more difficult, and less frequently used.